Garrison Titan Website is now live

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Garrison Titan Website is now live

Post by ThumperTI »


It has been several years since Titan has had a new website!

Chris and Kay contacted me on Facebook on August 10th, 2 months ago yesterday, and made it clear that a new site was an immediate priority for the GWM team, and that we needed something new and fresh by the end of the year.

To be honest, I knew that it was coming, but I also knew that the plans I had for it were very large and encompassing, and so I was concerned about my ability to deliver. Arlene can attest to the fact that I was a bit panicked.


I am proud to say that we were able to go live with the new Titan website last night, Friday October 12th, at 6:30pm pst.
We delivered it two months after initial discussions, and two months ahead of deadline!
It was definitely a long road to get there, and we had a lot of help from a lot of people.

I'd like to recognize a few of them without who this website would probably still be under construction and would not be nearly as great as it is:

Arlene: Spent many days go back over and over the site, looking for issues, broken links, incorrect spelling, formatting.
Ben: Wrote me a long email explaining issues, and making sure that not only did the site look great, but that it functioned to ADA standards. He also insisted on photo optimizing every image to insure that there was not a huge load when reading the site. I nagged the hell out of him, and he took it with grace and was invaluable to this:
Chris: Gave me direction and suggested changes that I may not have made otherwise.
Glenn: ALWAYS NAGGED ME about why it wasn't working on his iPad and iPhone. Seriously Apple people, thank Glenn for making sure that what you see works.
Kay: Kay was very conscientious about the design and feel of the page, from formatting to restructuring. Kay is in part why the site looks the way it does.
Susan: Susan offered a lot of help in graphics, and allowed me to nag her about backgrounds for several days while she was in and out of town. Susan also created the 404 page that you will see if you do something wrong on the site.

There are others that I am probably forgetting whose contributions were also helpful in the shaping of this brand new site.

Also, the Golden Gate Garrison GWM offered some points that led to a more fully functional website.

That's right, we can now accept our own event requests, right from the Titan website!

And for those of you who are building another costume every week... You can now submit your costume via the website to our GMLS!

We hope that this site will draw you back to it often, and that we can even expand on it as we need to, to make as dynamic and functional as possible.

Eventually, there will be a calendar with a list of troops, so that those who are spotters but not full members can easily find our events as well.

For now, we invite you to join us at!


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Re: Garrison Titan Website is now live

Post by Daetrin »

This is absolutely the best redesign of the website that we've ever had. Being able to take event requests and costume submissions via the site is immense, and I can only imagine what's next in the queue (rostering!). :)

But for now, please accept my sincerest gratitude and also my hope that you can take a well earned break.

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work to get this completed. It's *fantastic*!
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