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Member Spotlight #3 Casey Buxton

1. Tell us what you do when you are not in costume?

When not kitted up, I’m a tattooer by trade. For fun, I play video games, ride motorcycles, paint, play guitar, watch movies/shows with my wonderful family (wife, dog and cat) and of course work on the never ending list of new Star Wars (and Star Trek 🤫)costumes.

2. What was your favorite troop?

Favorite troop is absolutely the Puget Sound Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness. 

3. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

Obi Wan Kenobi is my favorite character. EVERY version. Kenobi’s relentless dignity, honesty, skill, loyalty, kindness, forgiving, wisdom and bravery is unmatched. Kenobi is my personal “high water mark” and represents every quality I persevere to attain in myself.

4. Share a funny memory about your time with the Titans.

Visiting the MoPop’s Star Trek exhibit while in Stormtrooper armor with Dino and Guy certainly made the three of us and other museum guests giggle.

Member Spotlight #2 Sarah Silverman

1. Tell us what you do when you are not in costume?

When not in costume, I manage an award winning cider bar in Seattle, make costumes, hike, kayak, draw, paint and obsess over dinosaurs.

2. What was your favorite troop?

Most favorite troop in my 11 years remains going to a little boy’s 5th birthday. This boy was obsessed with Star Wars because his dad was but had never actually seen it. It was the hottest day of July that year. Kevin and I drove to Lakewood and sat in costume for the entirety of A New Hope in a non-airconditioned house and not able to recline or take our helmets off.

This little boy sat between us and while scouts aren’t in that movie, every time a tie pilot came on screen, his eyes would light up and he’d look at Kevin and go “YOU’RE ON TV!!”

Then he asked if he could see my speeder bike. I told him that “We carpooled.”

“Oh… Where’s your tie fighter?” “Oh it’s down the street.” “CAN WE GO SEE IT?!” “I think you should pay attention to your guests.” “…oh….ok…”

His mom told us to come back out of costume and have some cake. It was a huge R2 cake with fondant she made herself. She even let me keep the plate.

3. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

Favorite Star Wars character is hard. I loved Aurra Sing because she was such a badass, she collected lightsabers, trained Boba Fett and has a really mysterious story they hinted at in Solo.

I like Leia because she doesn’t back down. She’s a better shot than the boys, tries to save her boyfriend dressed as a bounty hunter and then slays the bad guy while wearing a metal bikini. She is a fantastic example of female empowerment.

4. Share a funny memory about your time with the Titans.

We trooped the Northgate Barnes and Noble and after the official “stand in one place” part of the troop was over, there are all these random troopers walking around the bookstore taking silly photos.

A photo of me looking at a book about trees was taken and the meme with the “know your enemy” Scout was born…

That’s me.

Member Spotlight #1 Guy Evans

1. Tell us what you do when you are not in costume?

As many if you know, I’m almost always up to shenanigans of one sort or another in kit. That holds pretty true out of armor as well. I really enjoy most people and I love my life. 
I am an avid hiker and backpacker. The mountains are a kind of therapy for me. The quiet you get from being as far out there as I can get is refreshing and rejuvenating. Also, being on the trail with friends for hours can deepen a relationship like nothing else. You don’t get that kind of undistracted time with people very often and I treasure it.
One of my other passions is cooking. I find it immensely relaxing. There is something so intimate and gratifying about feeding people you love. The pandemic has been a good time for cooking although getting back into armor after all this food may be a challenge!

2. What was your favorite troop?

The Pride Parades we do are amazing. Even when it’s nearly 100° out, it’s worth it. Not only is the troop a blast, I have had more than one person come up to me crying after a march. They are so happy to see themselves represented and acknowledged in a franchise they love. I’ve had someone in tears tell me that this was validation they didn’t even know they needed. Don’t ever let anyone tell you representation doesn’t matter. It does and it’s beautiful. Many plastic hugs are given on those days. 

While we’re discussing hugs, my other favorite troop will always be the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. The hugs we get all day are the warmest hardest hugs we’ll ever get. The kids, parents and friends are so amazing. Walking hand in hand with the kids is amazing. They are all so full of love, it’s truly amazing. And the energy of that group is humbling. There’s usually a dance at the end and I’m always up to shake my plastic butt with the kids. 

3. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why?

This is tough. Ask me 10 times you might get 10 different answers.

 I’m generally on OT guy but I really love Ahsoka Tano. Her story over so far has been pretty epic. She is such a rich, complex and amazing character. Being able to follow her from someone I thought was pretty annoying to being my favorite Jedi has been extremely gratifying. 

4. Share a funny memory about your time with the Titans.

I don’t think anything will ever quite match the birth of Captian Rainbowbeard. 

We troop the fair every year in September and 4 years ago, one of the days we had available to troop was my birthday. I casually asked if anyone wanted to hang out at the fair with me that day. I expected the usual 4-8 people to roster. I think we had 25 or so people sign up. What happened after the troop started with a bungee launch and a caricature drawing. What I ended up with was my beard rainbow colored, I was carrying a sword, wearing bunny ears, pink sunglasses, I had a stuffed monkey, etc, etc. People were stopping us to take pictures. It was one of the craziest days I’ve ever had. It’s the gift that keeps on giving too.  Let me tell you, there is nothing a surreal as being at a Halloween party and having someone show up in costume as you, rainbow beard and all. 

I just want to say I love and miss my Titan family!

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