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Member Spotlight #5 Joey Graham – BH-13087

1. Tell us what you do when you are not in costume?

I am a meat cutter for Fred Meyer (Kroger). When I’m not working, I usually exercise, play games (video and table top). I also build and modify props for the various Star Wars clubs and personal cosplay.

2. What was your favorite troop?

ACCOIN Holiday Lunch 2018. It’s actually an annual troop we’ve done every year since I’ve joined and it one of the most soul rewarding troops I’ve done.

3. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character and why? 

You would think it’s Boba Fett but it’s actually Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. The central character of the Saga is a perfect example of folley and triumph. The character is one I sympathize with because he deals with personal failures poorly as of they were weakness and not opportunities for growth. I have been there. But like Anakin, love for another and personal forgiveness is the greatest foundation for personal betterment

4. Share a funny memory about your time with the Titans.

There are so many great memories associated with the Garrison that it’s hard to pin down one as a standout. But the Blast a Trooper Booth at ECCC 2019 was a comical experience with Darts sticking right to my visor while my fellow Stormtrooper was covered with them.

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